Music and Art: the Perfect Gift

Everyone loves gifts, however getting the perfect gift can sometimes prove to be a chore as you always want to make sure you get something the recipient will love and appreciate. That’s why Lissome Art Studio has the perfect gift for just about everyone. Everyone has a favourite music genre or artist and it’s popularly said that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. This is what makes our wall art collection so great as it is the perfect fusion of music and art! Here are three occasions where Lissome Art Studio makes finding the perfect gift a piece of cake!


For a wedding try finding out the couple’s “song” and Lissome Art Studio will do the rest. Lissome Arts Studio’s wall art can also be used as a thoughtful and intimate gift for bridesmaids. They will be delighted to receive individual art work with the lyrics of the favourite song along with a thank you card.


What do you give the friend who has everything? The gift of a song! While you may not have a good voice or any song writing skills your friend is sure to appreciate a beautiful work of art with the lyrics of his or her favourite songs or maybe different song titles from a much loved musician or artist.

Bon Voyage

When saying farewell to a friend or colleague there is nothing more intimate than a gift that shows thoughtfulness. Lissome Art Studio pieces have the ability to convey this and more. These three occasions are just a few of the many where Lissome Art Studio wall art would make a lasting impression. Our list of lyrics and artists is ever expanding and diverse and we have more than you can imagine. From Bob Marley for Reggae lovers to The Clash for lovers of punk .. we have something for every music lover. Take a look at our range of lyric art posters here.