Lyrical prints from Lissome Art Studio

Here at Lissome Art Studio we’ve combined our two loves – art and music – to create unique designs that incorporate beautiful typography and powerful lyrics to liven up your walls. All of our products consist of stylised text in varying sizes and colours, professionally printed on high quality paper, but left unframed so that you can truly make the print your own before putting it on display. We have a huge range of products to suit every musical taste and artistic style. Whether you want to spice up your life with some Spice Girls lyrics, have Bob Marley satisfy your soul with some stand out wall art, or pay tribute to the late David Bowie, we’ve got you covered. Amy Winehouse, Adele, Bruce Springsteen, The Killers, The Cure… you name it, they’re probably in our club. Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Muse and many many more. If you love our prints but are stuck for ideas of what to do with them, here are just a few ideas! 1. Use the lyric prints as an edgy alternative to a poster in your workplace. You can mount them on a wall or simply stand it on your desk for a little musical motivation. 2. Our lyric posters are the perfect gift for any music fanatic. They’re stylish, thoughtful and many are limited edition making them a truly unique gift. 3. The prints are also perfect anniversary gifts. Whether you’re stuck for ideas on your ‘paper’ anniversary or want to commemorate your special song, your spouse will surely be moved by such iconic lyrics. 4. Mad about music yourself? With our competitive prices you won’t feel bad for treating yourself this time! Our prints look great as a funky wall feature or as a piece of art proudly seated on a shelf filled with all your favourite records. 5. You can use them to make a plain room more interesting, for instance putting the modern piece of art in your bathroom – everyone likes something to read while they’re in there, right?