David Bowie

At Lissome Art Studio we joined the world in mourning the late David Bowie. Months on, the music world is still reeling from the shock of losing a phenomenal master of forms. As an artist he was larger than life and was able to re-invent himself decade after decade. His music was awesome, his fashion cool and his persona was larger than life. It’s really no surprise that quite a few major artists have mentioned that they drew their inspiration from the legend. Some like Lady Gaga and Madonna have often spoken about how David Bowie inspired their sound and style and here we mention a few others who were inspired by David Bowie. U2 frontman Bono has said that bands like his would not have existed if David Bowie hadn’t set the stage with songs such as “the thin white duke”. As far as Bono is concerned artists like David Bowie created “a radical shift in consciousness” in the music world. LCD Sound system draws a lot of his inspiration from the late legend which can be heard in tracks like “All I Want” and “All my Friends”. He also did a great remix of Bowie’s “Love is Lost.” Front man for Suede, Brett Anderson also spoke about how Bowie gave him a strong sense of ambition for Suede. In fact many music lovers agree that Placebos “Battle for the Sun” album was clearly Bowie inspired. Bowie probably noticed this as well and asked them to open several of his concerts as well as perform at his 50th birthday. Depeche Mode is another band whose fashion sense was clearly inspired by the Legend. The trio also went on to cover several of Bowie’s songs such as “Rock and Roll Suicide”.  At Lissome Art Studio we turn the lyrics of this song and many more musical icons into works of art, a perfect way to remember the work of a Legend.