With a combination of zealous righteousness and post-punk experimentalism, U2 became one of the most popular rock and roll bands in the world, equally known for their sweeping sound as for their grandiose statements about politics and religion. The Edge provided the group with a signature sound by creating sweeping sonic landscapes with his heavily processed echoed guitars. Though The Edge’s style wasn’t conventional, the rhythm section of Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton played the songs as driving hard rock, giving the band a forceful, powerful edge that was designed for arenas.  Their lead singer, Bono, was a frontman with a talent for grand gestures that played better in stadiums than small clubs. It’s no accident that footage of Bono parading with a white flag with “Sunday Bloody Sunday” blaring in the background became the defining moment of U2’s early career, there rarely was a band that believed so deeply in rock’s potential for revolution as U2.


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