The Pretenders are an English-American rock band formed in Hereford, England in March 1978. The original band consisted of songwriter Chrissie Hynde (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), James Honeyman-Scott (lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), Pete Farndon (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Martin Chambers (drums, backing vocals, percussion). With their initial records, the group crossed the bridge between punk/new wave and Top 40 pop more than any other band, recording a series of singles that were melodic and immediately accessible. Hynde was an invigorating singer who bent the traditional male roles of rock and roll to her own liking, while guitarist James Honeyman-Scott created chords and syncopated rhythms that proved remarkably influential over the next two decades. Originally from Akron, Ohio, Hynde moved to England in the early 70s when she was in her twenties. British rock journalist Nick Kent helped her begin writing for New Musical Express who she wrote for during the mid 70s. In 1978, they recorded a version of Ray Davies’ “Stop Your Sobbing” produced by Nick Lowe. The single made it into the British Top 40 in early 1979. “Kid” and “Brass in Pocket” the group’s next two singles, were also successful. Their debut album, Pretenders, was released in early 1980 and eventually climbed to number one in the UK. The band were nearly as successful in America, with the album reaching the Top Ten and “Brass in Pocket” reaching number 14.

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