Television are an American rock band who are considered influential in the development of punk and alternative music in the 1970s. Television were formed in New York City in 1973 by Tom Verlaine and Richard Hell. Television were an early fixture of CBGB and the 1970s New York rock scene. Although they recorded in a stripped down, guitar based manner similar to their punk contemporaries, the band’s music was by comparison clean, improvisational and technically proficient, using the influence of avant-garde jazz and 1960s rock. The group’s debut album, Marquee Moon, is often considered one of the defining releases of the punk era. Nearly 14 years after their breakup, Television re-formed in late 1991, recording a new album for Capitol Records. The reunited band began its comeback with a performance at England’s Glastonbury summer festival in 1992, releasing Television a couple months later. The album received good reviews, as did the tour that followed, however the group disbanded again in early 1993. In 2001, Television again reunited for a handful of shows in the UK as well as an appearance at the Noise Pop Festival in Chicago.

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