The Sex Pistols were an English punk rock band formed in London in 1975. Although they initially lasted just two and a half years and produced only four singles and one studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, they are considered one of the most influential acts in the history of popular music, having initiated a punk movement in the UK and inspired many later punk and alternative rock musicians. Through their raw, nihilistic singles and violent performances, the band revolutionized the idea of what rock and roll could be. In England, the group were considered dangerous to the very fabric of society and were banned across the country. The band gave birth to the massive independent music underground in England and America that would soon include bands that didn’t have a direct musical connection to the Sex Pistols’ initial three minute blasts of rage but couldn’t have existed without those singles. The first incarnation of the Sex Pistols included singer Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), lead guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock who was replaced by Sid Vicious (John Ritchie) early in 1977. Under the management of Malcolm McLaren, a visual artist, performer, clothes designer and boutique owner, the band provoked controversies that amassed a significant amount of publicity. Their concerts repeatedly faced difficulties with organisers and local authorities and public appearances often ended in mayhem. Their 1977 single “God Save the Queen” attacking social conformity and deference to the Crown, precipitated the “last and greatest outbreak of pop based moral pandemonium”. In January 1978, at the end of a turbulent tour of the US Rotten left the Sex Pistols and announced their break up. On 24th February 2006, the Sex Pistols, the four original, surviving members and Sid Vicious, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but they refused to attend the ceremony.

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