Miles Davis was an American jazz musician, bandleader and composer. For nearly six decades, Miles Davis embodied all that is cool in his music, in his art, fashion, romance and in his international presence that looms strong as ever today. Davis was at the forefront of several major developments in jazz music, including cool jazz in the late 1940s, hard bop in the mid 1950s, modal jazz and orchestral jazz in the late 1950s, post bop in the 1960s and jazz fusion in the late 1960s through to the 1980s. Gerald Lyn Early named him inarguably one of the most influential and innovative musicians of the 20th century. In the 1970s, Davis radically experimented with rock, funk, African rhythms, emerging electronic music technology and an ever changing line up of musicians who played electric instruments. This electric period, beginning with his 1969 studio album In a Silent Way and concluding with the 1975 concert recording Agharta, was “the most incompletely understood period in the recording career of any major jazz musician”, Robert Christgau later wrote. In 2006, Davis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which recognized him as “one of the key figures in the history of jazz”. In 2008, his 1959 album Kind of Blue received its fourth platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, for sales of at least four million copies in the United States.

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