An alternative rock band from Salford, Greater Manchester the Happy Mondays were the leaders of the late 80s to early 90s dance club influenced Manchester scene, formed in 1980. The band’s original line up was Shaun Ryder (lead vocals), his brother Paul Ryder (bass), Mark Day (lead guitar), Paul Davis (keyboards) and Gary Whelan (drums). Mark “Bez” Berry later joined the band onstage during a live performance as a dancer/percussionist. Rowetta joined the band as a guest vocalist in 1990. The first official release from Happy Mondays was the “Forty Five EP”, often called the “Delightful EP” after its first track. It was released on Factory Records in September 1985. In 1990 the band performed at Glastonbury Festival. The band have retained millions of fans since their Madchester hey day.

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