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Our lyric wall art is perfect to hang on a wall in the home or the office. Make a plain wall or room more interesting with a song lyrics print inspired by your favourite musical icon. Whether you’re a fan of Pink Floyd, Bob Marley or Kanye West, lyric wall art is a unique alternative to a poster. Celebrate the lyrical genius of the greats of music by hanging a limited edition print of their lyrics on your wall in tribute to them.

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift for someone who loves music and is a fan of a particular musician or band, look no further. These lyric posters are a hugely thoughtful present which are also competitively priced, meaning you can give a gift that your music fanatic friend will love,without breaking the bank.

We create and stock a huge range of lyric wall art, inspired by the songs and albums of musical Gods. A more sophisticated alternative to putting up a Nirvana poster or giving an Oasis poster as a gift. Our wall art looks fantastic in an office, where it perhaps wouldn’t be appropriate to place a David Bowie poster, but you still want to pay tribute to a musical master you love.