With backgrounds as a professional musician and as a professional dance teacher, combined with a huge love of art .. it was perhaps inevitable that Lissome Art Studio came to fruition.

Established in 2002, we began by designing original modern pop art inspired by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Banksy.

However, with a life-long love of album art and the wonderful resurgence of vinyl, we felt it was the perfect time to shift tact and design a collection of typography art prints dedicated to the best albums ever released – honouring some incredible music by wonderful artists, spanning many decades and even more genres.

We wanted to offer a little more, so we decided to produce our art work as limited edition prints. Each title is limited to just 295 .. individually signed and numbered. Just like vinyl they are perfect to browse, perfect to start a collection!

By designing art work of the same album but in different typography fonts, colours and styles we were able to offer professional affordable art to suit most people`s taste.

Our collection is growing rapidy, the styles are evolving. Our customer base is growing even more quickly .. these are very exciting times at Lissome, we`d love it if you could be part of it!