Lyric Art Posters

Typography wall art, posters, tote bags and T-shirts inspired by some of the most legendary and iconic musicians to have graced the stage such as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Prince and The Beatles. Our lyric wall art is perfect for the music fanatic who also appreciates style and art. The lyric posters consist of stylised text of varying sizes displaying song lyrics and titles from the greats of the music world. The text is professionally printed on high quality paper, ready to be framed and displayed as a unique wall feature. We create and stock a variety of collections, with varying fonts offering different aesthetic allure. Whether you hang it on your own wall or give it as a thoughtful musical gift, these song lyric art prints are sure to turn heads. So if you’re looking for an unusual gift for that music lover we all know or want to spice up a room with some musical flare, look no further than Lissome Art Studio. Whether your a Bob Dylan fan, obsessed with Adele or addicted to Queen, we have the perfect art print for you. With our competitive prices you won’t find art prints online which have so much sentimentality and style for such good value. Browse our limited edition collections and fall in love with the lyrical genius of the icons of music all over again.

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